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Oct 2011
In the end
There is only silence

Shakespeare said something along
Those lines:

"Through life, there was sound and fury and in the end, silence; signifying nothing."

Something like that.

How did Shakespeare know
There would simply be silence?

Some kind of

Or some kind of

In the end
There is only silence

A bowed head from loved
One's and
Hated ones

Disdainful ones and
Jealous ones

Envious ones wishing
They were dead and
Fearful ones that
Wished they
Never would be

In the end though
There must be
Only silence

Maybe the kind of silence
That sounds like a
Light snow against
One's cottage window

A kind of silence
That plays hypnotic
Classical music during a
Dentist visit

Or a kind of silence
That hangs while lying awake with
The wisps of your lover's breath
On the nape of your neck

In the end,
There is only silence.

And ****,

If Shakespeare wrote it,

It must be
Mitchell Duran
Written by
Mitchell Duran
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