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Sep 2015
I'm not exactly broken, just a little torn..
See i'm just as perfect as a rose thorn
I'm not exactly in love but I love you
And I know a fraction of you,
Loves too

It's just this Life thing, gets in the way
Of everything I want to, convey
So if you'll listen,
Here's a list of, reasons why
I'm willing to give my book,
A rewrite..

Some days, i'll get it wrong
And i'll come on way too strong..
Everyone's a fool, with words
Though my actions may be weak
I'll now listen when you speak
Everyone's a child, until 18..

And when your 18th birthday comes
You'll spend it with that someone..
In my eyes, everyone resembles an Ed Sheeran song..
So you'll always be my favourite 'Photograph',
Whenever I look back..
Everybody feels your warmth..

...Someday we'll meet again
With new loves and new best friends
Life can't help it, if our souls were meant to part..
But i'll hold on 'til the end
And learn to make amends..
Every now and then,
We'll have to break a heart.
More mature perhaps? :)
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