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Sep 2015
I forgave her for eating my chocolate
even though she ate a hole block of it
I Forgave him for forgetting my birthday,
even though hes the reason i was born on that day
I Forgave the puppy
For wanting to use so much of my time for play
I forgave the thief
for taking what wasn't theirs to take
and of all this forgiveness
and all that resent
I find that if I try to forgive myself,
no relief presents itself

anxiety burrows down
and settles itself in your soul,
like a bucket riddled with holes
hope pores strait through my soul
so when i say that you give me forgiveness
when I say your helping me right my wrongs

Don't accept it as a responsibility
take it like a badge of pride
so many wrongs done by my side
that my pride has gathered its things
its no longer with me for the ride

Don't take my forgiveness so willingly,
know that I charge it to you with hope i cannot afford to give
in the hopes that one day
ill be able to forgive
Written by
Death-throws  hamilton, new zealand
(hamilton, new zealand)   
       SECERT ACCOUNT, NM, Corset, O'Ryan Gloer, nivek and 6 others
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