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Sep 2015
She was bad for him.
She was his worst distraction
But he was so attracted
Simply infatuated
With her.

Months passed
With him longing for her,
He wanted to hold her

He’d wait for decades,
Just to hold her hand.
He’d wait for centuries,
Just to see her smile.
He’d wait patiently,
For eternity,
Just to call her “mine”.

He didn’t care about what was best for him.
He didn’t care about what was best for them.
All he cared about was her amazing smile,
Making the mistakes he made
So worthwhile.

But, being apart,
Made him do better in life.
He was concentrating,
Grades up, social life stable,
And was the boy his parents wanted him to be.

But inside, He was dying.
He missed her like crazy.
He wanted her,
He needed her,
It was worth giving all this up,
Just to hold her in his arms.
Her perfect, Angelic face,
He wanted to hold it close to his
And just before they kissed,
Whisper “I love you”.

He dreamt of a future together,
He picked up each piece of their magical infinity
-His fantasies
Forgetting reality,
Only wishing to grasp her hand
Which was just out of reach.

He hoped, one day,
He would capture the world
In his large hands,
Engraving it on a silver ring
As he knelt down
And asked her to marry him.

He wanted to take her
To the most beautiful cities,
Yet prove to her
There was nothing more beautiful than her
In his eyes.

He wanted to
Wrap his arms around her,
Pull her close,
Just to show that
He was never ever letting go.

He didn’t want to listen
To what people thought
Of her or him.
She was the only brightness in his life.
The only thing that made him smile.

His eyes flickered,
Landing on the magnificence
That was the love of his life.
But she didn’t know it yet.

He wanted to feel the sparks fly,
Once again.
Fireworks bright,
In his mind
He wanted his body to ignite,
In flames.
Just by one look,
From her to him.

And he hoped, prayed,
The feeling was reciprocal.
He wanted her in his possession,
As she had already become his obsession.

He wanted to hold her,
Kiss her, then say
“You are not an option
You are my priority,
Don’t forget that,
We’ll define eternity”
Bipolar Hypocrite
Written by
Bipolar Hypocrite  In Crazy.
(In Crazy.)   
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