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Sep 2015
We are all capable
Of destroying lives;
But we're just as able
To help dry running eyes.

Today it matters more
About avatar likes,
Than protecting the world's poor--
Humans and animals alike.

Still, I am filled with hope,
That we as living beings,
Can run back up the *****,
To universal wellbeing.

And if she only loves you for
The name on your underwear,
Then my friend, you deserve more,
As she clearly doesn't care.

And if he can only see
The beauty of your outside,
He is incredibly weak,
'Cause without the brain, the eyes are blind.

I have faith, regardless,
That eventually the bombs will stop falling;
Of course, we're a little rough around the edges,
But we are all filled with feeling.
Let's talk about humanity for a second: we are paradoxical. We strive for peace, but find new ways to **** one another. We all grieve and love, yet we expect one another to act like robots, as it's more comfortable to be around. We have a need to look good in front of the world, which takes priority for the stuff that really matters. Our body's turn to food for our posterity, but the legacy of each of us lives on until somebody speaks your name for the last time (sorry people with uncommon names). I, even if I do it alone, intend to change that. We are going backwards. I watch people cry when they get some phone or clothes they've always wanted, but their eyelids don't flinch when they see children dying, washed up on a beach for instance. It's wrong, terribly wrong, and something ought to be done about it. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
Written by
Mouthpiece  26/M/Liverpool, UK
(26/M/Liverpool, UK)   
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