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Sep 2015
You asked me to write you poetry
A couple of months ago, when you said
That you never meant to hurt me,
But we'd be better off remaining friends.
Now I shadow box with my sanity
Wondering if we'll ever meet again,
As this hook through my heart makes me bleed:
You were always destined to hurt me in the end.

I relive each moment I saw you
Several thousand times throughout the day;
I beat myself black and blue,
And refuse to stop or even change.
It's one **** of a term to come to,
Yet, my commitment has been made.
You may think my decision ****** or crude,
But there's definitely pleasure in the pain.

Trapped in this quandary,
From love, I find myself running scared;
However, on the contrary,
Never having you is something I cannot bare.
So deal all your damage to me;
I think the pain will eventually show its worth.
Love is the word I'll continue to repeat;
And I know it's love, because it hurts.
Written by
Mouthpiece  26/M/Liverpool, UK
(26/M/Liverpool, UK)   
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