Oct 2011

I had a problem on my mind,
the answer to which was hard to find.
I tossed and turned throughout the night
and a knot in my stomach, which I could not fight.
I layer in bed, just abiding my time
waiting for daylight to arrive.
morning finally did come, sleep I had gotten some.
I got up out of bed, picked up the letter
that yesterday I had read.
there it was plain as day.
'sweetheart I love you, but I can't stay.
I must find what I am destined to do.
even if I must hurt my family and you.
I do not want to have a regret on my mind
because I didn’t get up to try.
so I leave you with my heart in hand
it wasn’t something that I had planned.
I know that it will hurt my family and you
for I am going through the same hurt too.
you showed me all the beauties in the world
and I grew just like a pearl, but just like a pearl
I have to be shown and admired, and other
hearts, to be set on fire.
so I leave with tears in my eyes, and I must abide my time.
'this is the letter that I had read.'
and my heart was torn and bled.
weeks went by without a word, and to her family
she was not heard.
then I received a letter today, and in it she did say:
I searched the big cities and the towns
but the love I had gotten from all of you, was not to be found.
I did find something that touched my heart
and in me, has become a big part.
the love of a blind child, who was born without sight
who touched my heart with so much might.
he touched my face with his hands, and pulled them back right away
and with that he did say:
I am blind and I can not see, but I feel so much
pain etched in your face, and you left loved
ones without a trace.
you left loved ones with your heart in your hands
and it's something that they can not understand.
you left in search of something that you had all along
and that was a place that you could belong.
I survive because of the love that is shown
and eyes I do not need to see, something that may be hurting me.
if you are searching for something more
then go help the NEEDY AND POOR.
they need love and comfort too, and they belong to me and you.
I turned from the child and AGAIN ran away.
then that night to the LORD I cried and prayed.
when I fell asleep that night, in my dream
all of you were in plain sight.
all of you were beckoning me home, and your broken
hearts were shown.
so I ask you on bended knees, help me with what I’ve seen.
help me to help the poor, for this is my destiny
of which I’m sure.

she came home and we did marry, and now my baby she carries.
we are helping all in need, for in her
GOD did plant the seed.

louis rams
Written by
louis rams  florida
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