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Sep 2015
Betrayal: is it really a necessity of life?
Are children born with that desire entwined with their bones?
There's a bullseye on my back--a target for the knife,
And the names that are called hurt more than sticks and stones.
Words carry powers much stronger than all might;
When used correctly, they can push people into their tombs--
Like when you 'fell for me'; well, that's what you chose to write,
Willing me on whilst **** ran down the legs of your costume.
I have wanted to say this for a long time. My life is a long succession of waving people goodbye, as, despite what they tell me, they always hurt me and disappear in the end; friends, family, supposed lovers--everybody. I don't understand why it happens, and I feel ******, hence the title.
Written by
Mouthpiece  26/M/Liverpool, UK
(26/M/Liverpool, UK)   
     chimaera, Cheyenne, am i ee, Sia Jane, --- and 21 others
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