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Sep 2015
I’m just like a waterfall, and these tears are for you lately.
There aren’t any trains back to happy valley.
I missed the last one when the sun went down.
I waited for the next one to come around
But when the sight of the moon shown,
And the shivers formed from the cold
I put my hands together so tight,
And prayed to the dead of night.
That anybody was listening.
That the beat of my heart
Still lay beating, breathing...
I watched the train make
Its way toward me, closer and closer.
The sound of its whistling.
The bustling of the
Brakes screaming.
The lights so brightly blinding
It was now or never.
Be in the front or take cover.
It was my decision to make,
One I couldn't choose.
So I used my last cent on that one way trip.
To where, not anybody would care...
Just anywhere around the world,
Where I could be invisible
In a new city or street.
So with my glasses raised,
I bit my already chapped lip.
Took ahold of the rail...
One last look around before I go.
The knots formed in my throat
The corners of my eyes
Blurry by the betrayal of clear
Liquid drops forming.
I brush them away
From my already rosy red crisp cheeks.
Hand the gentle man my ticket...
Two steps up,
And down the narrow strip
To the marked row 33 seat C.
I sit and stare out the foggy window,
I form a heart shape by the pane.
The train starts to hustle
My heart fades.
I keep my eyes fixated on the one daisy
Laying smashed on the boardwalk.
Specs of black lay marking its petals
Left from the harsh weight of somebody’s shoe.
I quietly say my last goodbyes
As the train makes its way.
No one outside to wave
Or blow a single kiss.
No one to say my name.
Just the sound of the winds breath.
I watch the daisy as far as I can see.
Till it disappears.
The ache still lay there
Inside and outside.
I close my eyes, prepared to dream.
Wishing when I wake
Somebody will be waiting...
Readily holding out a hand for me
A smile forming
So happily as they reach for me.
My breathing slows
And the ride becomes steady.
It’s almost time to go
So I then hitch a ride in a faded yellow taxi cab
Till I start to see my stop up ahead,
To the house on top of the bright hills I say
A light blue house on the left
With the peach colored porch
You could hear the wind chime humming.
The rows and rows of white picket fences
The sweet pup chasing fallen leaves.
I step out onto the pebbled rocky road.
I wipe the strands of hair
From my face, and take a step forward.
Feeling the fluttering of nervousness
Forming beneath my arm
Which lay strewn upon my stomach.
As the screen door brushes open
I'm blinded by the light
Too bright to see clearly at first
So my hand takes its place above my eye like a salute...
The light dims and the shape starts to form
My heart racing at my sight
The exquisite beauty that lay before me
Her strawberry blondes blowing in the wind
Hand waving in the air
Smile forming as she sees me
Arms reaching out to hold me
The moment so surreal.
No dream could ever captivate.
I make my way towards her
A walk forming a run...
Stopping short to catch my breath.
I touch her face
The wrinkle by her eyes,
The dimples in her smile
The twinkling of her eyes.
The scent like I remembered.
Together we are again
Now reaching the steps to which had no end.
Just a constant bright light shining the way.
She squeezed my hands a little tighter
I no longer felt the sadness
Which haunted the open sore
Of my broken heart.
Nor the aches and pains
From weakened bones
Or my bruised up soul.
Just the butterflies
Which strengthened and stretched
Within my body.
Walking together hand in hand,
Not breaking our stare
She finally mouthed
Two simple words
"Welcome Home"...

Francesca M. D'Amico
December 19, 2011
Revised Sept, 24, 2015
Loss brings out the writer in me.
Francesca Marissa
Written by
Francesca Marissa
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