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Sep 2015
love you for all that you are
5 rooms
2 bodies blooming in space
cupcake filth on your kitchen counter
on my ***** bone

i walked my way across and away from you
and you charted each of my paths
love mark seeker i feel your honey gaze watching me
and in my eyes are pools of your deodorant and your cologne

remember when you thought we could run away from each other?
remember when i thought the same?

i ran into your arms for comfort from the cold
spruce trees surrounding us
i dove into your arms
you are my only memory
a breeze that rides slow and heavy
i whispered
i love you like skin under heavy sheets
i love you like getting soaked in the rain
we got so wet
crashes of lighting laughter i can’t tell the difference because my world still shakes either way

when you call me at 3 in the morning
your tears dribble onto my pillow
is it cold over there?
the sun here is burning my skin
i feel so far
but my pillow is still wet

remember when
i rolled glitter onto your thighs and we woke up in a galaxy
i wonder how much i swallowed that night

i remember distinctly how we fell in love
it was my eyes closed and climbing to the stars
you pulled me when i tripped i picked you up and twirled you
i picked you
i pick you

we are incoherent
i still don’t understand
but my blue lips drowned in your pillow calls
finally touched your red
fast ones
hot in the summer just that little moment that tiny moment my HEART my HEART my HEART BOOM BOOM BOOM in my ears MY HEART BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM
i put your hand to my chest your smile mimicked my heart
so we sat there for three hours timing ourselves with one another
i whispered i love you
you put me in your mouth
Deana Luna
Written by
Deana Luna  Seattle, WA
(Seattle, WA)   
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