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Sep 2015

I'm unrestricted with her
Meaning free;
I'm her, she is I, we art one
A king and his queen.


Unbounded, unshackled
Sentient in comprehension unknown to mortal creature;
We hath wing's, with moonlight ring's
A ceremony shalt be soon, with stellar feature's.


No doctor's, nor teacher's
We art ourn own healer's;
We art different than the rest
We shalt overcometh devil's, and demonic test's.


For tis I am blessed
To knoweth such an empress to mine throne;
She reside's in every space of this poetic mind
She maketh me seeith when I'm blind, speaketh when I'm mute

For tis
She's mine home.

©Brandon nagley
©Earl Jane nagley dedication
©Lonesome poet's poetry
brandon nagley
Written by
brandon nagley  Ohio,USA..
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