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Sep 2015
Lola , Lola
She cleans everyday
Lola , Lola
She doesn't like to play
Lola , Lola
Why do you like shouting
Lola , Lola
You always say your leaving
Lola , Do you have to be a tool
Telling me i'm stupid and to stop being a fool
Lola i love you but why do you hit me
Hit me always with your broom
Lola why are you staring at the window?
Looking lost, eating your own shadow
Lola is there something funny?
Cause your laughing now hysterically
Lola your bruising my arm
im getting dizzy, everything's so warm
Lola , I blacked out
What did you do?
There's blood running down my mouth
Lola your scaring me
Stop staring at me
Lola stop please there's so much noi--
Written by
Pidge  Philippines
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