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Sep 2015
18 July 2010*

Three years, eleven months, thirty-eight days and nights.
Times Ive waited since we separated flights.

A lot happened in between,
forcin' us to change our lives.
Starin' at the same old wall clock,
hopin' that right time arrives.

The warm leaves fall in sentiments,
reminisced for old-time-sakes.
Tears of joy pooled the mem'ries,
all the time it takes.

Should I wear? That same old smile,
even just for awhile.
Or rather just, keep my silence,
try feelin' your carved presence.

These days kept comin' back,
all over again.
All my heart is nothin',
but a dark den of pain.

What if I never,
met you?
Or simply, I never fell
head over heels in love?

What if you only listened,
to your heart?
Could have it been me and you,
til we never part?

What if roses never wither,
never loses its red?
Its thorns never hurt,
wounds never bleed.

Three years, eleven months, thirty-eight days and nights after.
I'll wait again albeit, it takes me forever.
I wrote this with my first love in mind. Just love again and again. L
Éli Antoine Piémont
Written by
Éli Antoine Piémont  Manila, The Philippines
(Manila, The Philippines)   
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