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Oct 2011
we had this identical spat of words
not thirteen hours ago,
in my dimly lit room, with your dimly lit eyes;
I am sure I had wondered if you were present at all.
as desires spilled from my guts
and into empty space to linger,
I am sure they had not entered your ears
because those eyes were on my cigarette and the fruit fly
buzzing β€˜round and β€˜round.
I wandered to the bathroom sink to stare at my face;
I pretend to be you
and pretend to care about me.
lather, rinse, repeat to get my hands clean,
once, perhaps twice, and I am free;
but how much repetition will it take for you to hear me?
I'm just kind of bored and kind of annoyed.
Written by
   Swells, The Dirty Vanilla and ---
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