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Sep 2015
I lie here, broken,
Or so it seems.
My life half over
Unraveled seams
The dreams I had
For you, for me
Hypocrisy, hypocrisy
Like shadows flee
Among the light
My dreams remain
Just out of sight
Night after night
I lie awake
And wonder
Which wrong path I've taken
Awaken, bleary eyed
And tired
****, I'm late again
Got fired
All in search of dreams

~J Nc
Sept. '15
Clinical depression is not a choice. It's a chemical imbalance. I am an intelligent man, so when I'm in that mood, PLEEEEEASE don't tell me to "just cheer up" or "think happy thoughts", or "be positive" I've been trying that since I was about 10. Started anti depressants at 14. Along with a hospital stay, complete with suicide watch. The only thing positive, isΒ Β I'll be positive that I want to ****** you in the face. And I may be an ******* from time to time, but it's not you, it's not personal, you can't fix it, and that's when I need your support the most. And if you think I'm lazy, cuz I can't get out of bed for two days, I would GLADLY like to know what it's like to be a grinning idiot all the time, you simpleton.
J Nc
Written by
J Nc  44/M/Arkansas
   Melissa S
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