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Sep 2015
(Chiara was talking to Francesca in their shared bedroom.)

Chiara said,

''I like to watch you painting while playing the piano.
We're both passionate about painting and music. I think this
Is why we like each other; '' '' you can sing the high soprano.''
''We shared this love of Arturo; as he died, so passed our bliss.''

Francesca replied,

'' What did you say about sharing? I was only his daughter.
''I loved him enormously; I wished to give birth to his
Girl; '' ''Your dream was like the image of a star in the water,
Because he wanted a boy, and you should be some kind of wiz

To give birth to his boy; '' ''All my valuable books about
New discoveries and religion burned on that carrack.''
''I'm sorry to hear that; I liked them; there is beyond all doubt
That our spiritual Eden is secured from the devil's attack.

Francesca continued,

I've thought of the book you had read as I've thought of a visual
Art form; that monk and that nun were in contact only by
Knowing God to get an equilibrium; that biblical
Space was like a ship never sinking, where the people didn't die.''

Chiara replied,

''I've tried to understand God; we must be pure to meet Him.''
''They are educated through prayers to love God and to
Maintain their virginity; I thought that love was for a whim,
When it was based on attraction, not for a marriage; '' ''It's true.''

'' Love must be rational to develop over time while
Finding fulfillment in being a mother; '' '' These mothers
Are devoted givers; there's a lot of bliss in their smile.''
''A husband must love his wife very much; '' '' Closer than brothers,

The man and the woman in togetherness must live,
But no love can save you if you do not want to be saved.
I think you run into the art's world your mother's death to forgive.''
''If my dad had really loved her, she would not have died.''

'' Your thinking is totally wrong; your father was not
Orpheus to save her from her inferno of life.
She didn't accept her human condition; he loved her allot.
You're like your mother while denying everything in this strife

With your fate; Lucca made a mistake when he married you.''
'' Indeed, I did not feel free. Maybe it is because I was
Forced to marry him while my sufferings were painted new.
Why was Lucca talking with Ivan? '' '' I tell you why, it was because

Chiara continued,

Ivan was released from the position of a serf.''
‘‘Lucca wanted to know the mindset of the exploited class.''
''As a diplomat, while walking down the end of the Athens wharf,
Lucca studied Ivan to know if he was cruel or crass.

Chiara continued,

As a wealthy man with a political power,
A decision-making capacity and some business skills
To avoid some complications he had a desire.''
'' He had charming manners and talked concisely about rents and bills.''

Chiara replied,

'' All his life he had worked to increase his wealth and to make
A career in diplomacy; this is why he was forty
Years old when he asked you to be his wife; he wanted to take
Care of us; he paid your father's remaining debt payments

And this trip while wanting the stability of our family.
And how did you reward him while rejecting him
Or being cold as an ice when not doin' what comes naturally.''
''Chiara, he needed a positive image; '' '' your tears are dim.''

Francesca continued,

'' He took time to know his new family away from any
Social obligations; '' ''your father needed a groom like him.''
''Why? '' '' Because he had lived with his memories, much and many.
Der Eyck’s instrument is not new; his memory was slim.

He took refuge in the game world of the cards and destroyed
His property; '' '' But those who played with him were your friends; why
Didn't you save him? '' ''I couldn't do anything; to avoid
This misfortune was impossible; your love will set awry

If I tell you a secret I hide for fear of hurting you.''
Chiara's eyes gave Francesca a real scare, '' I know he was ill.''
''Your father didn't love you as you thought; '' ''How can this be true?
''He didn't care of you while passionately playing cards till

Chiara continued,

He lost his fortune and wanted to commit the suicide.
Do you realize that we could live as poor women
While lacking any support and having nightmares inside?
I've told your father about Lucca; he sent me to you then.

Lucca was the son of my friend and she told me her little
Secret; I thought Lucca would help consolidate the debt
Of your father with a loan, but his intention was a riddle.
I had to convince you to marry this man; a roulette

Was your entire father's life; all I could do was to listen
To my husband; the gold was more important to him than
You have ever been; '' ''Before the neighbors could find what was missin'
I had to marry; but when my father was rich, he had

Many relationships, he could borrow from one of his friends.''
''Dear, his relations have deteriorated because he was
No longer a reliable man; '' '' friendship never ends.
Why did Lucca want to marry me? '' '''He trusted my word; applause! ''

(Francesca started to cry. She had a conscience. Chiara was her benefactress.)

(…To be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas
Written by
Marieta Maglas
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