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Oct 2011
O Dearest Land!
Thou is still caged
     from everybody's tongue
No! Ev'rybody was shedding
     only crocodile tears!
Tho Thou is a butterfly
     they've ne'er perceived:

O Dearest Land!
May Thou could be freed
     to azure skies above
Ev'rybody was just pretending
     from the shadow's hands,
I would ne'er drop my weapons;
     'til this war would stop!

O Dearest Land!
Thou is a once creation,
     'tis from Thee:
Hope the rain would bring
     a clear view of the strands
For I might be dead 'fore be awaken
     in the battlefield.

O Dearest Land!
I confess all my sins
     I committed a thousand times:
Wish if i would die,
     I would be laid on peace
And to retire with Thou
     along the road of success.
© 2010
JK Cabresos
Written by
JK Cabresos  M/PH
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