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Oct 2011
“aquashield+ .. what is this?”
“no wonder you get burnt all the time it expired in two-thousand-eight ya mad cat.”
“good that i use a different one i 'spose hmm?”
“oh come on.”
. . .
—“awshit look at all those dried soap carcasses in the back there. little beached whales”
“exfoliating, irish spring...”
—“hey what's with the two-in-one shampoos anyway?”
—“seems to me like they're just tryna make showering faster.”
“yah. what's your issue?”
"well, what's the point of that? enjoy the ****** thing.
I dare you to find any two things better than being under a hot shower
& the heat of the blowdryer in the hair after...gaw-damnn.”
. . .
“man, and all the dust...”
A L Davies
Written by
A L Davies  M/halifax
   huwriting, --- and ju
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