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Sep 2015
Inside your body,
there is a brass band playing
Your heart is beating to the drum.
Your nerves are the guitar strings
and you have symbols in your tum.
Your knees dont need any instrument
they are knocking by themselves.
Your teeth have life of their own too.
Your hands are shaking, dont know why.
And butterflies are whirling in your brain.
There she is, dolled up to the nines
Lipstick is going to be on your shirt.
You will smell like Heaven and that is okay.
And your words have just floated down the drain.
Your cheeks have turned a rich and **** red
Just like the colour of her dress.
Is your shirt ironed properly, she will inspect it
Is it hot off the press?
Have you the right words to say, do not get this wrong
Say the right words and in the right order
Or you will pay for it all of your life long.
Then there is the kiss, oh the first kiss
Memory that will stain your lips for true.
Pucker up lad,have you washed your teeth
Do you know the right and wrong thing to do?
Then there is the love bit, oh the love thing.
Get the groove, set the pattern and hold her hand
Then when your stomach is churning like a dairy
and your juices thicken you can say "Marry Me".
Man up and dont start acting like a fairy.
Written by
cheryl love
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