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Sep 2015
Dear girlfriend am sorry for being a man
Am sorry I wasn't there to change God's plan
So when He made this piece of hardware,
called it "man"
And installed it's supporting drivers of emotions,
to rely on a constant database update from your
repository of respect and value,
It was obvious
That only then can your heart
ping my love server.

Dear girlfriend am sorry for being your man
Am sorry for not being able to meet your demands
You see,
It is true that you, like every other lady,
Wants a hero to bank on
One to keep you safe, with a shoulder to cry on
But then,
It's a shame I couldn't afford
the attention you needed and so deserved
So in trying, I only scattered your heart abroad

Dear girlfriend am sorry
For not bringing out the Queen in you
Cause after so many failed attempts,
The peasant mind of me thinks,
Maybe I wasn't meant to be a king afterall
Maybe I should never have walked to you,
Standing up tall
Maybe the only thing I was ever meant to say,
Was sorry, dear girlfriend
For not bringing out the Queen in you.

Dear girlfriend am sorry for being the man
Who made you feel
I was just like any other man
Dear girlfriend am sorry, I tried my best
To be of little difference, from the rest
Dear girlfriend am sorry
you failed to understand
I could only do so much with
A heart and my hand
Am just a man
And ordinary man
And a weak one at that
Am sorry dear girlfriend
Cause if ever I had an offer to make
It would be a heart, with a prayer that
Even with it's weakness,
You ignore and take.
Ever felt like you're loosing someone you love but there was nothing you could do about it?
Crossyde Gimp
Written by
Crossyde Gimp  Jos, Nigeria
(Jos, Nigeria)   
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