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Sep 2015
I have always felt the pain of others
As well as my own
So my parents had reasons to keep me from news footage on TV
Time after time
Just as I had reasons of my own
To get up late at night
And watch the re-runs of these shows
Crying alone

My parents tried to shield their daughter
From wars
From bombs
From natural catastrophe
People dying publically
People dying before their time

Events so far away
Yet somehow close to home-
They did not want to answer
When I asked why
The man and his son on TV who were running from a bombing in Iraq
Had been replaced by a black screen
And a distant siren

I was lucky enough
To have a home
To be safe
To be loved
Yet I never ran from pain-
I ran toward it
Even if it wasn’t my own

Pain demanded to be felt
Pain demands to be felt.
It. demands. to. be.
Natascha Kracheel
Written by
Natascha Kracheel
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