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Sep 2015
One must not:
Show any interest in things that affect us all;
Differ from buying clothes with fancy badges and names--not from market stalls;
Reject the individually human for the socially accepted norms;
Spare no thoughts to ponder variations of human form.

One must also:
Refuse to extend consideration to things other than superficial qualities;
Leave the room at the first mention of subjects containing words like 'policy';
Take into consideration only that which can be seen on the body;
Have a maximum of five thousand badly-spelt words in your vocabulary.

One should:
Spread gossip like wildfire and believe everything that you hear;
Question nothing whatsoever--regardless of how farfetched or *****;
Be cautious of those that differ from you; they probably don't belong here;
Complain about the rut you're in while repeatedly wasting money on ***** shots and beer.

One should also:
Fall in love with the outside; a human with beautiful insides is dangerous;
Believe every single little detail the people on the TV tell us;
Read nothing but stories of the rich and famous and the latest celebrity breakups;
Strive for Nothing; be content with what you have until you erode into dust.

This is a survival guide to help you live in the real world. It could save your life; you'll never be humiliated on social media ever again. You'll live life without a care in the world. Emotional death is nothing. The soul doesn't exist. We are what we see. That is all.
I genuinely see humanity ending up exactly like this. It's a horrid feeling.
Written by
Mouthpiece  26/M/Liverpool, UK
(26/M/Liverpool, UK)   
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