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Oct 2011
i thought that when i was alive i was the most unhappy i've ever been.
then...then i ended it.
hell, even praying that i would be happier not existing.
boy was i wrong.
so wrong, in fact, that if i could go back to my miserable ****** little life...
i would.
in a heart beat.
the "afterlife", if you could call it that, is a horrible place.
and i wasn't around everyone that just died.
i was around all the sad ***** who thought the same way i did.
that ending it would be the answer.
there's a place for everyone after death.
depending on how you died you would end up there.
so all that ******* about being with your loved ones after you die, is total ****.
i mean, i was alone here.
and everyone else you talk to didn't learn anything.
they just went on be miserable.
and the stories they tell!
a person could just go crazy.
i learned. i learned that if i took my afterlife i'd probably just end up in a ******* mess than what i was already in.

to be continued.
Written by
Otter  everywhere
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