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Oct 2011
Torn and mangled.
Tormented and frayed.
My heart beats a steady rhythm throughout its tortured and beaten existence.
Matched to the tune of a drum,
The beating gets heavier and heavier.
With your words,
Your touch…
A heart can only take so much.
But when freedom prevails upon you…
Giving you a gift that many would die for…
It can just stop altogether.
Beaten and bruised,
The wounds never healed,
The scars proving the damage.
Even when happiness is just a breath away;
Heart and soul go together as one.
When you’ve broken a soul,
And mangled a heart to no repair,
You can’t fix it.
It’s already gone.
I wrote this years ago, and found it randomly.
Caitlin Deaver
Written by
Caitlin Deaver
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