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Oct 2011
All those times
mangoes fell off from the trees
we caught it together
but it wasnt for free

only if we knew
what we were after

We hid them in the grass
among the worms to ripe
it went by, the time,
but time wasnt right

only if we knew
what we were after

When finally we opened
the basket to see
worms were fat
and mangoes, only memory

we didnt know
what the hell we were after

You blamed it on me
that i planted the tree
but i blamed it on you
that you wanted them for free

we didnt know
what we were really after

You finally found
a basket where
mangoes were ripe
there were some worms
but you said they were alright

I didnt know
what we were after

Time went by
and I ripped off my tree
it didnt make sense
why the mangoes were
only memory
then the news came along
that my tree was alright
it was you who had
switched those baskets at night

i did know
what you were after.
Written by
dino stavrogin
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