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Sep 2015
Aging is one if the more difficult aspects of life.
By the time you are in your 50s
You wonder why your life looks so protracted.
It seems you were 25 just a few seconds ago.

More people your own age are dying
Or they are suffering from chronic illness
You know sickness and old age are inevitable
You know your prayers for good health will be denied.
You can reduce some aging by exercise or diet
But in the end, even the most meticulous of us, die.
Your 70s don't seem that far in the future
Especially if your parent died at age 58.

There is no guarantee that you will live to 70
Or any age, at all.
You have sick friends and you know they are going to die
And leave you alone.
My best friend is in failing health.
My spiritual teacher has recently died
My husband has chronic illness
He got a blood clot, and that could have killed him.
There is the reality that I could have easily lost him.

Im not feeling any special purpose in life.
So I can't preach.
I'm trying to keep fit, and to chase old age away
For awhile.
I meditate upon nothingness
I practice Mindfulness.
I recognize you have to have faith in God
Even if you become old and sick
It's nothing personal.
We are just destined to have sickness and old age.

So, truly, if you are young.
Enjoy your youth.
Soon enough. You will be in your 50s
It happens in a flash
And our lives are minuscule
Compared to the aging Universe.
Arianna Darshani
Written by
Arianna Darshani  Minnesota
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