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Sep 2015
I'm in recovery from crossing paths
With a psychopath.
I don't use the word lightly.
He had just been released from prison
For ****** against his 7 year old daughter

Fortunately, he is far away.
2000 miles away.

Fortunately this interaction
was email, only.
Fortunately I was not harmed
Fortunately, I was not stalked
Fortunately, I was not kidnapped
Fortunately, I was not *****.

I researched Ted Bundy
how he would wear a fake cast
And use crutches to lure women to him.

Psychopaths always have charisma and charm
In the beginning, anyway.
They are experts in fooling people.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I was merely fooled.
And it won't happen a second time.

I realize that I am far too "nice"
I am one who would have helped Ted Bundy
Get his briefcase, and help him
put it into his car.
Not anymore. Id rather be safe than sorry.
It's not a requirement to help people out.

I'd rather be paranoid
Than to allow any other psychopath
Into my life.

No more "Minnesota Nice"
Arianna Darshani
Written by
Arianna Darshani  Minnesota
   --- and PoetryJournal
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