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Sep 2015
Living the high life past the pabst's apprehension,
with electrons in suspension,
feeding us life force without a need of thank yous or special mentions.  
We'd go blind without introspection.  
Put the guards on time out after they put a taller fence in,
where they roam in the catacombs of low vibrations.  
Only to open a new chapter and start slowly growing with sensation.  
I'm fed up with phone calls consisting of mechanized automation,
for we need light to have circulating ideas procreating.  
Fascinated by the patients in the waiting room.  
Who are told they need scripts to avoid a gloomy doom.  
Only negativity leads you to a lifeless tomb.  
But thankfully we can sweep ourselves off our feet with our inner god's holy broom, bringing about the realization that our petals have yet to fully bloom.  
Eye need you,
to understand these truths.  
I'll still smile knowing I have more than one chipped tooth.  
Let go and let loose,
live in this instance with bliss any way you choose.  
Climb these cliffs or go for a cruise,
and recognize all that passion that lies underneath your bruise.  
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  
Ignite your soul and ride the waves on this cosmic plane.  
We are strange, one in the same.  
The beach couldn't be, without your beautiful grain.  
See it through the microscope, each it's own individual shell.  
It all becomes mundane when you don't listen to the stories they tell.  
Open your heart,  in order to find yourself.  
Happiness is a kind thought away, to maintain your metaphysical health.  
Much love
Sparked by convo with comrade Bobby Coupe.  There is an army of light and you are in our fellowship troop.
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
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