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Sep 2015
A total betrayal of human ethics
a twisted love story gone wrong
the tingling of muscles in jaws in foreheads
and the painful bite of a poisonous snarl.

The stinging burn of words unspoken
the aching cramps of truth betrayed
the daggers thatΒ Β your eyes released
as salty sweat drips down your face.

An animal inside awoken
as dangerous words slipped past your lips
the fighter in me set off
energy in my fingertips.

The barbaric side of me came out
my muscles tensed and strained
I felt my hand crack on your face
A movement foreign and untamed

You stared at me and bared your teeth
and growled, a sound of death
β€œdo it again” you said with venom
as you took a step, I felt your breath.

Once again my brain had failed
and let my body decide
and I felt your head snap to the right
my hand felt like raw hide.

My left hand smoldered with the force
and I put it to my mouth
the hand that once had held your face
had ended us no doubt.
Written by
Meredith  Singapore
   Glass and Cecil Miller
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