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Oct 2011
“No!  You sit down and have a rest
In your socks, your shorts and vest;
I’ll wash the pots, the pans and plates
And put the bottles in their crates.
I know so much on you depends,
You have to have fun with your friends.
There’s oh so much for you to do;
After all, you carve the turkey too!
I’ll put the breakfast in the pan
And clean the windows, if I can!
No!  Don’t move; don’t even budge,
Just you stuff your face with fudge!
I know it is a vital task
To entertain the friends you ask;
You keep them jolly, make them smile,
I think it’s right you rest a while!
Just raise your feet, I’ll Hoover under;
It’s not surprising and no wonder
That you’re tired and feeling poorly
Life has always dealt you cruelly.
You should have stayed all day in bed;
Especially with that banging-head!”
“You know I can’t, I wish I could
To make an efforts in my blood;
I’ll force myself, there’s a bus to catch,
I’ve got to go and see the match!”
Written by
colin john nicholls
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