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Sep 2015
My heart takes wing
Flying into the ebony sky
Imagination entwines itself
In the depths of my mind
As I drift into a dreamy high

Troubles seems so faraway now
As I drink up happiness wine
Glancing at silky hilltops and-
Lonely valleys with greenery fine

A smile tugs my lips
While laughter teases my voice
I made the right choice
For I'm in a glorious haven
I've kissed the dove and-
Shoved away the black raven

I am free from all guilt and bitterness
I've burned my tragic papers
I've turned my hated words to vapors
For I cannot delve in darkness
Because I am surrounded by goodness

Light I can perceive
I've enlightened the dark
Hope, I now conceive
Painting a silver sun on my heart
I close my eyes
Dreaming about the sunset's art

I am happy
I am free

I can loudly and openly sing
For my soul has angel wings
An old piece-
Shadow Paradox
Written by
Shadow Paradox
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