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Sep 2015
Lost in a tavern of doubt
Darkness deepens the drought
Peace concocted with anger
The fury sparks a flame
My sorrow is filled with pain
My sole aim is to tame the voices echoing
Swarming around like bees
Chaos and calamity

My mental capacity to see
Out  of this dark hole
Is tarnished
I resent the very things I can't contain
My tears stain my shirts sleeve
I sleep with one eye open,
The demons terrorize my dreams
I fear what I can overcome

I am succumb by disillusioned thoughts
My heart, as heavy as shackled feet
The dust becomes my perfume
The aroma of death touches my shoulder
I am an anomaly, eagerly waiting for liberty
Conformity is my enemy
But it's crude lips deceive me
Saying I should strip myself of individuality

To be molded by confusion
To taste the vile poison of humanity's flaws
The struggle
The battle
The despair
Dig me a hole, six feet under
And lower me in with the maggots and worms
Cover me in darkness

Tell me I'm not here
Tell me lies I can believe
And yet with such shocking imagery
Nothing compares to the nightmare of reality
There is no escape from this tragedy
Cursed from birth
Birthed in destruction
I am nothing.

© Tristan B. (Tristan B)
Tristan B
Written by
Tristan B  Canada
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