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Sep 2015
love-sewn, evergreen
cracked psyche, split seams
make your bed in the black soil
dig yourself deep, deep, deep

sing your river song, shine away
the dust from alabaster picture frames
press shaking fingers, empty glass slots
count every little kiss you couldn't keep

take medicine, make things change
try and try and try in vain
unravel, collapse
under the cruel weight of every goodbye

icebox periwinkle skin
patched up one too many times back when
things were pink and fresh and new, not black and blue and now
it's all so convoluted

count your zebra stripes,
your lifelines,
your circles that led to nowhere,
your blank white rooms silent as the day after a snowstorm,
your loneliness, the sound of everything going in the blender
the scars, the years, the agony
the snot choked tears, the sorry you can't say enough
the love that hurt so ******* much
the love that will stay till you're gone

so make your bed in the black soil
tuck yourself into a grave
bury your life till your knuckles turn red
till you're flat on your back and the last heartbeat's fled
close your eyes and become evergreen
Written by
   ---, Connor Ruther, Cecil Miller and NV
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