Oct 2011
From above the green hill,
I watched the still blue sea
Shimmering like a bed of jewels
Just before the sun set.

The sun, the purple wheel that steers the world
Descends inch by inch
The moment it touches the sea,
I expect a sizzle on the water.

Oh!  just a futile piece of  imagination,
An illusion the  pendulum of my mind played
A mischievous  trick,  conjured
Tired of seeing  endless repetitions

The water didn't  dramatically part
The sun with ease slipped in
Like  a seed in to the awaiting earth
Too  eager to regenerate.

A  tranquil  sunset yet again,
The whole world,with bated breath
Was awaiting it, a collective sigh of relief,
Didn't I hear? for now God didn't play dice,

Though never it could be totally ruled out,
Now,every worry goes to sleep in the dark,
And  tomorrow would come
With a new set of promises and pains.

The pendulum thus swings--
Invisible, between day and night,
Possibility of  darkness and light
The hopes that keep us going, and despair.
Isn't life a perpetual journey between certainty and uncertainty?But are we aware of the precarious nature of the existence of our  life and world.What if God choose to play dice for once?
K Balachandran
Written by
K Balachandran  Kerala, India
(Kerala, India)   
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