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Sep 2011
Insanity lies there, in corners,
Along with spiders of my mind
Their web it's made of irises
Of my memories left behind.

Memories, dreams and feelings.
They all passed over my beliefs,
On a floor of spinning ceilings,
A sky of autumnal leaves,
Withered bits of a decrepit soul.

Time is fierce...
My skin is rusted, hard as stone
Maimed and parched to the bone -
I need a pill, just one more.

Dawns won't pierce
My thoughts falling high
In a sea of toxicity -
There's a pill which might
Bring me closer to the light,
Far from its velocity
And its painful shards
Dissipated in pitched, soften clouds.

There's always a pill
And another pill -
To strengthen up my will.
Though, I will never feel
My emotions crystal clear.
These fake illusions
Will never cheer
Heavy whispers in my ear.
Diseased blood transfusions
Of my dreams becoming real,
The world has stood still
While I tremble, poisoned with fear.

*So I'll take another pill
Because I fear...
Georgiana S
Written by
Georgiana S  Romania
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