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Aug 2015
Sat alone at the edge of the warm ocean.
Nighttime illuminated brightly,
by a candelabra of moon and stars.
This hot humid night of summer
overpowering me dragging my spirits
Into its sultry mood.

In the distance
someone is playing Spanish guitar.
Its melody almost mournful.
Bringing back my thoughts of you.
Memories that scar heart and soul.
Wavelets lap the shore like your kisses
The night breezes are your sweet breath.
Reflections of a life half lived visit me once again.
Someone is playing spanish guitar
Note by note burning into my soul
reviving the lost feelings of desolation.

Morning is creeping over the horizon
This night is sinking into me.
Sleep now is only a distant memory.
You fade away with advancing light of morning.

Someone is playing Spanish guitar
And my soul is weeping.
Written by
Jude kyrie  Canada
   ---, ---, ---, SPT and PoetryJournal
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