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Sep 2011
Astral Souls
A Chapter by Eclipsing Moon-blood red

musings on the connection and joining of the reincarnated souls each new many linked souls or spirits does one determine are in one original soul

This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

I select Mature because I refuse to subject younger minds to transcendental thoughts...

Astral projection is more real at this point in my life than the daily occurances in my so called normal know me is to know there is nothing normal about Me.

   Projection to Me is the natural state of existance of soul beings and the travel to assist others is done subconciously and consciously in my daily and nightly moments of tuned in

travel in the Astral level...meditation is my natural way of entering this state and complete quiet and ****** movement is not required..when My spirit tunes into a spirit requiring thought of mental healing or just discussion on that level I "tune in" to the reality of that space in time...and that spirit and merge with the spirit and experience it with them.

   Clearing the spirit of a soul is required by the joining with them ..and letting them experience Astral thru Me ...while I calm them internally in their physical form...many traumatic injuries can be treated in this taking over the pain and healing the body from inside...pain is only karma needing balancing and occurs to promote the understanding of assisted by allowing a spirit to be in the body of the teacher/friend to see what the lesson is.

Post script:

I simply did not follow that line in the process..ty for mentioning the responsibilities it brings...I'm gonna post that on the reviews as I've answered several questions along the same will notice I said it is karma and involvement in karma is responsibility...I never attempt to alter personal lessons with out consulting with the entity...pain is for karmic teaching..I do not aleviate it unless I must to remove a certain type of situation...such as a broken leg in physical life that is very painful and no pain medicine is around..the blood pressure can get way too high in certain yes..i will intervene in certain death situations if My guides is only then that WE would decide that is far from simple as Kerry commented...I sent her an explanation on that...responsibility wise it is a heavy karmic responsibility and I claim no god complex..if I dont share with enlightened beings such as YOU..then I am at fault for keeping it secret...I assure you it does not seem God like from here...kinda like deep doodoo for spirit help...I would never wish that on anyone....I am still searching...Yes always will be ,,a physical body is a trust endowment to care for...if the difficulty were my personal choice and mine alone to decide...I would resign the honor...but it is not...The laws of Dharma And Karma require Me to choose to learn ...until My time ..this over...teaching and learning is MY responsibility...clear as a singing bowl's ring...OmManiPadme Om.

Guided Meditation

On closing my eyes I see a insect takes on air around its body by trapping it in its hair then dives slowly into the depths and goes..down ...down...down..until it reaches a hidden rock cave..where it goes in and deposits its air bubble..on exiting it repeats this process and traps more air at the surface...only yo go down ..down..down..again ...time after time...repetition is my focus and it is soothing to my gives it a focus to relieve the tension...I stay until the focus ..removes My be contd.

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Eclipsing Moon
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Eclipsing Moon
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