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Aug 2015
Hatred acts like a poison it is slowly smears our thinking
Poisonous, abhorrent, abominable, forbbidding, foul,
loathsome, obnoxious, desestable,
crushes the spirit all of these things wounds the soul
Jealousy, a green-eyed monster
A feeling of doing ill-will.
Jeopardize risking everything you once had with
your family friends.
Your heart-burning resentfulness
will get you nowhere, for it will ruin your soul

You are down right mean cruel and spiteful.
For in months and year's to come this will
only back fire.
For you will only feel ashamed.
how could you embarrass your family.
Have you no conscience at all.
By hurting others this way.
you're bad and that is so sad.
you're are showing me.
that your are cold hear-Ted
I just feel sad for you
for I can see a new side to you.
its not one that I could
boast about nor be proud about.
I just think you should knee
and pray.
For that is not the way God
intended you to be.
Definitely not.
What a beautiful philosophy on Jealousy, Rosalind and that by the Grace of God you made a very beautiful witnessing how God wants us to be and that jealousy does not belong in our mind and body, and that we must always pay attention that jealousy shall not crawl again into our body and mind. A mighty piece of write, Rosalind! My respect for your great wish to be a good christian, when I say these words to you, that does not mean that I am already a good christian, no not at all, as long as we are called human beings, we try to be good to others, to be a good christian, every time we make mistakes, as Godยดs child, we must know that we have done mistakes and as Godยดs child, we always correct our mistakes with in mind that we have learned again a lesson from God, because He is our Teacher, we can always go to Him kneeling and praying and say our Words to Him, amen. Thank you for this space, dear Rosalind, thank you that I may write here and may "talk" to you, God Bless You Always, with Godยดs love, Sylvia.14 Nov 2012 by Sylvia Frances Chan | Reply
picture of Lindsay Jorgensen

WoW! Powerful. Very emotional.
Rosalind Heather Alexander
Written by
Rosalind Heather Alexander  61/F/Edinburgh Scotland
(61/F/Edinburgh Scotland)   
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