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Sep 2011
Humanity developed a dis-ease in the mind. The dis-ease consists of lies that were created by humans and that were subtlety and slowly imposed on other humans. Rulers and religions started to mix truth with lies. These distortions of truth molded into belief systems.  

The belief systems grew strong. People were forced to join side with these beliefs. There was deadly punishments for those who went against the churches, against the governments. This went on for a long time. Governments and religions brought fear into the world, into the human mind. The human mind lost its purity, it became un-pure, polluted.

At some point in time, the whole of humanity was lost and confused. The truth was so twisted that people forgot what was really true and what was really not true. People grew up believing in so many things. So many religions came about, each declaring a certain truth. A child no longer grew up believing in himself. The world demanded that he/she believed and followed a given path. Everyone became a follower. The human race was in an unconscious state of being. Unconscious because they lost awareness of reality. People would follow, fight, and protect their believes not really knowing why. People sacrificed their freedom for security.

Traditions then came into existence. People became like robots. People became accustomed. People would come into the world and the world already expected a certain lifestyle to be followed. Years of conditioning separated humanity from the whole of existence, the universe. Humanity was fighting for power and control. They went against themselves in the name of their beliefs, in the name of their "gods", and in the name of their "truths".

Life suddenly lost meaning. People were coming into a world of suffering. People were now not only slaves to authority, people were now slaves to their conditioning, to their beliefs. Happiness and joy had to be struggled for. Love and peace had to be earned, had to be worshipped. There was the fear of sin. There was the fear of not being accepted by God. Humans created God in their own image. Their whole life-time was being judged and the judgment was coming from no God, the judgment was coming from their own minds, their own judgments, their own believes.

After many years of conditioning on the human being and on the human mind, conditioning did not need to be reinforced by anybody anymore. The conditioning was already placed and memorized in the mind of the individual. The individual knew what was "right" and "wrong" , knew what "should be" and what "shouldn't be", so the punishments and the rewards were given by the individual himself.  

This was the state of darkness and unawareness that humanity got itself so deeply in. And this is the state of unawareness that humanity is getting out of. Humanity needed to go threw this state of unconsciousness so that it could then become conscious of it and never repeat it again.

The whole dis-ease was in the mind. That whole "reality" was in the mind. It was a virtual reality, an illusion. That reality was kept alive threw compulsive thinking, non-stop thinking. Mind did not rest, and mind was full of lies. Mind gave a label to everything and divided everything. Mind created a symbol, a word for everything it could get its hands on. But mind cannot get its hands on reality, on life, on truth. Because everything is equal in its essence. A dog can be called a horse and it would not change a thing about it. Words  are just an  agreement of symbols put together in order to differentiate things. What you call the flower makes no difference to the flower, the flower will continue to be what it is.

Humanity once again is attaining to the state of consciousness. Humanity is seeing more clearly, there is less dust in its vision. There are fewer beliefs in the mind, so humanity is seeing things as they truly are, threw the labels. It is becoming less superficial, going deeper into the being.

Humanity is destined to awaken once again. If we do not awake in this lifetime, we will awake in the next. It will be a waste of life, but if you are not aware of life as it truly is, you will not be aware of what death truly is either
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