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Aug 2015
You were beautiful before the heels
and the high *** hair.
I saw your beauty everywhere.

Stacey lou grew up in a sad home too
where her mom smoked cigarettes and drank coffee for dinner
skipped a few meals, downed a few pills
woke up everyday prettier

Stacey lou began high school and felt uglier everyday too
She skipped all of her class to hide in the lou
met a man at the drive-in named dan
dropping out wasn't originally apart of the plan
but he made her feel like a million bucks

Stacey lou started drinking too
and every time she lost her mind
she swore her face would turn back time
her insides were a dyin' but her outside was a stylin'

She woke up one mid afternoon
looked into the mirror in the powder room
saw her momma looking back
and had herself a heart attack

She was beautiful before the heels and the high *** hair,
I'm tellin ya' I saw her beauty everywhere.
Just a little poem about beauty in the 1960s
Hannah Holliday
Written by
Hannah Holliday
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