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Aug 2015
It doesn't matter what anyone says, there's no right way.
Why? Because everyone is different, so they're attacks are different.
I once compared an anxiety to an exercise in theater arts.
And I was told that having an anxiety attack didn't feel that way.
Well, for me, it does, because that's how it feels for me.
You can't tell me that what I'm feeling is not an anxiety attack.
Just like I can't tell you that you're not having one.
Why? Well, because that would be me just saying you're wrong.
And how can I tell you that what you're feeling is wrong?
I don't know how you react to anxiety, so I can't.
That's why, I know that everyone has different types of anxiety.
You can have a full blown anxiety attack.
You can have a mini one, or it can be just physical and unnoticed.
There is no wrong way to have an anxiety attack.
Everyone experiences anxiety in their own ways, and it's real.
Just know that anxiety can happen in any way.
There's no right or wrong way to have one, they just happen.
Whether you can control them or not, they happen.
All you can do, is do your best to manage them and be okay.
That doesn't mean they'll go away, it doesn't.
This just means that you'll be able to live and cope with them.
Anxiety is different for everyone, no matter what anyone else says. If someone tells you that what you're experiencing is not an anxiety attack, but you think it is. Just ignore them because you know what your anxiety attacks feel like to you. No one can tell you how you're feeling when it comes to anxiety except for you. Thanks for reading this and liking or commenting on it if you did. Bye :)
Written by
Natasha N Koucoules  Brunswick, Me
(Brunswick, Me)   
   Tahirih Manoo
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