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Aug 2015
Wonders why I can't sleep,
Till I realize they're just thoughts.
Many events, many happenings,
I can never seem to forget.
Good or bad, big or small,
They're still there:

What's tomorrow when its the same,
The same as the day before.
Nothing changed except for one,
My addiction is finally gone.
I feel proud because of that,
But that's all I'm ever proud of.

Why do people need friends,
When they pretend you're not there?
I grew up in a rude environment,
I thought everyone's like that.
Just another misconceptions,
But no, I'm just so used to it.

2:11 am,
I always slept at 4 or 5.
Over the summer I'm an owl,
Never waking up during the day.
Forced to swallow down food,
I end up skipping a whole meal.

I never felt so alone,
Why alone when you have voices?
They talk to you when you sleep,
They talk to you any day.
Unlike "human" friends around my circle,
They're just one of my ghost followers

I must sleep now,
Too many thoughts.
No wonder I'm so wide awake.
Hoping I'll make it alive another day,
Wanting to make it to my goals.
I'll climb the challenges by myself,
This is what I have to overcome.
But I'm also used it too.
Written by
Nightmare  F
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