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Aug 2015
I hope always for the best
And since I keep the suitable status
Of every single objects so I, in return,
Want that the human in me  would get the same...

At least I hope so but you know, my wise
Fellow readers, I got some personal experiences
Of being unfairly exploited, unjustly treated
But I didn’t deserve it really for I have a third eye...

The universal law of motion
And emotion is not equal, not symmetric
I came to know then rather in some cases,
I deserve the priority to express and establish my ideas...

but there I failed to do so poorly, with sure blockades
The promising Socrates had left this world
In that very unwanted manner being in the darkness
Philosophers might be surprised, “Oh, really....!”

I will say then, yes my dear friend,
The idea givers for the best for the mankind,
Are the proud and the golden sons of Socrates.
I think I am also one of those happy brothers...

For I also wish to render my fruitful and positive ideas
For the best of our community and for our countrymen.
I am ever ready to die, to die a first death only
But one foremost thing I must not leave is the ‘truth’....

I really love the truth, the beauty of the universe,
The fragrance of flower garden, the waves of seas;
The frozen ice on the mountains, spring through the valleys
I dare not to deny these after million times death....

I’m in fair love with these, are the expression of my lord
Whom I care until my last breath & forever in any dimension.
But this must be some test of my lord to make me real solid gold
Out of the heavy mixed ugly ore under the rocks so hard...

My lord, give me your warm shelter, right pathways  
So that I could bear the extreme heat and freezing cold
Of this polluted & ignorant world so sleepy, so dark
As it moves so slow, as it turns around blindly
Save me until I die and protect me onward...    

© 2015 Mohammad Anwar Parvez Shishir
It's all about an ambition to be a right human being to do the right thing at right time whatever the circumstances around. Every time you would plan for a job there must be some blockades around you and it would in advance surround you with even more pain that you would hate to keep it doing any more and that is the real scenario of the present practical world almost every where. But we should not be doing that as we the human being are the ever best creation in the world to prove our existence in real. Have the patience and go ahead.
Anwar Parvez Shishir
Written by
Anwar Parvez Shishir  Bangladesh
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