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Aug 2015
Alone and scared then you came
Defenses up, afraid of feeling the same pain.
She risked by saying "hello" to your glimpse.
One more time, she felt the palpable rummage of her heartbeat.
Listened to the crack of your thunder,taken away by the lightning of your stare.
She realized the game that she've been playing is now her new happiness and pain.
She fell not with what her bare eyes can see.
She fell not with his abilities.
She fell not with his motives.
She fell with that one moment he made her see right through him.
A beautiful soul lying inside a lion, tough and full of mystery, raging with passion and sincerity. Drawn with the warmth of him,she risks even she knows he can reap her souls flesh with his claws.
She doesn't mind. She doesn't care.
She don't know if its worth the pain.
She don't know if its worth the wait.
She don't know what it is that makes her stay.
Or is it what we call love?
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