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Aug 2015
There’s nothing very new in my life,
Even for a moment I can’t have a happy breath, sigh ...
Always I sigh watching around me crossing borders...

I’m leaving the authentication of my youth,
Through sacrificing it for the better future
But I see not any sign of heading...

Difficulties of producing grains in the fields,
Sure miseries of farmers in the villages,
We are practising aristocracies being learned
And precisely we are having skeletal extortions...  

How far I am to go! Good heaven!
Tonight I enjoyed a movie based on the religious
And social collision between the Jews and the Christians.
It was ‘The Exorcist’, it’s so nice really.

We, the fellows of this mother earth,
Must have to love each other and sacrifice our souls
For others’ benefit and it was taught
By the teacher of mother Russia Leo Tolstoy.

We all have to leave the complexity of our mind
Of calculating the avoidable things and self-interest
By means of greater values & realizations...
To the farthest of our missing appropriations...

We must have to forget the inflation of products
Rather we focus for the coming assassination of time...
As we forgot the price-rise of a chocolates
While at primary school rather taking stress
Of paying monthly fees from father's wallet...  

I frequently have it in my soul that I possess not
The actual humanity in me for I didn’t experience it,
From my very childhood but I can learn it
As I don’t have any barricade reading serious writings
Of the greatest life-artists. Yes...

I must have to keep it going with me more.
Now, I’m going to be the part & member of the free-thinkers group.
I have to live for human’s interest to give them lessons,
To enlighten them in the way of unity,

To make the world a far better place for the new born babies!
Oh good Lord, please assist me bearing the ethics in me,
I want you now as I wanted you before.
Save me please as you have always been saving me...
Oh absolute pure Lord of heaven & hell...

(c) 2015 by Mohammad Anwar Parvez Shishir
Some thoughts need sharing obviously but depend on circumstances around. Here planned something else to note direct to the minds that think about the upcoming of generation troubles & miss-happenings in the temporary world. Must we not avoid it anyhow by leaving it aside availing any of our daily necessities taking make-over on our ugly faces...

m a p s
Anwar Parvez Shishir
Written by
Anwar Parvez Shishir  Bangladesh
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