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Aug 2015
There´s something totally mad in this world
Behind all appearances of goodness.
And I know there´s so much love to grasp,
But I don´t feel people realizing it.

We are supposed of evolving
In absolute and unconditional ways.
In a sense we all should be really happy,
In some kind of cosmic sways
But this don´t happen nowadays.

I know where I would like to live,
In a place where just rules would strive
And win. Not because of Men!
But at least by a supreme, balanced Order.

That´s my hope.
A earth with no ideals,
Those out fashioned pills...
But more fair in events of daily life.

With no schizophrenic  bodies
And technical high-heels
Of insanity.

What if we knew the way
Where he head now?
Would this change?

Yes, the world is mad.
Like I said...
Something really mad because it appears like normal, ordinary. I feel dashed sometimes, because bad things shouldn't be reigning as completely acceptable... And they are being...!
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