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Aug 2015
ivory keys
seek the touch
of long-dead

elegant keystrokes
gracefully enchanted

bittersweet tunes
staccato lilts
incandescent harmonies
melancholy melodies

every heartbreaking keystroke
with mournful,
dismal sadness

each life is a
unique song;
each has their own,
single chorus

some are a great crescendo;
some a lullaby;
some are a lonely tune;
some barely even brush the keys

each journey,
has white keys of joy
and black keys of sorrow

even the
black keys
make music
And here's another - how surprising - excessively long poem. Go figure. (Side note: I apologize if this poem sounds racist; that was not my intention.)
Written by
Meg  In my thoughts
(In my thoughts)   
       Sisilia, ---, ---, Randolph L Wilson, chris and 35 others
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