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Aug 2015
I am wood
You are fire
-scratch that-
You are an exuberant inferno.

There was no doubt in my mind that when I first saw you, I felt the sparks.

When you aproached me, I felt warm, and whenever we talked, I could feel the electricty -scratch that- I could feel the flames.

Then you left, but I was far from help. You set me on fire and then you were gone.

You destroy everyone you meet, leaving nothing but ash and ruin in your path.
The dangerous thing about the chemical reactions in fire is that they are self-perpetuating. The heat of the flame itself keeps the fuel at ignition temperature, so it continues to burn as long as there is oxygen and fuel around it. The flame heats any surrounding fuel which releases gasses, which make the fire spread when ignited.
Brian Ellingboe
Written by
Brian Ellingboe  mpls
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