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Aug 2015
WHAT      iiiiiiiiiiii         sssssss    
                          i               s
                          i                sssssss
                          i                          s
                     iiiiiiiiiii        ssssssss  

I don't vent,
I beg the truth!

Beauty amazes me!

There are women that just
utterly impress me!

"I   WISH    I   COULD   DRAW"

Isay, as if art is simply historical record.

I "see" her, but i don't see her.

There is a faint glowing light in the dark pious,
the folk hymn in the rain and the
cosmopolitan freak-show.

She is the candle's cathedral
And she is the artificially purple
love-all, be-all.

Everyday, I wish upon every star, as to give me the imagination and courage to write about beauty. All I can say is, I  DON'T  KNOW. I really REALLY wanted to, but now i'm not so sure. I wish i knew that i wanted to know, but i don't, and i never will.

Such as is this sense sacred, and i wouldn't DARE describe it...

Ye who are quick to the mouth;
Fall into desperation,
For silence is the key to our revolutions.

Science is dead.
Israel Baker
Written by
Israel Baker  18/M/Indianapolis, IN
(18/M/Indianapolis, IN)   
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