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Aug 2015
A few mistakes can be recalled and remembered
Many were made prior
Amongst the many, a few can still be identified in the present.
A couple of them definitely occupy a space in the present amongst the many, which were made prior.

The more we go into the details of something,
something specific, something in particular,
then much more intense becomes the need of hour to be vigilant and alert.

Over a period of time things become complicated
Simple things take lot of time to get done, since handling any task now seems to be time consuming.
Justifications and explanations will be of no use
Questions will be raised by few for which answers will be asked by each and everyone.

Often, definitely much more than often, complications do come across at a given point of time in one's life.
Even complications have their own way to enter into someone's life,
even they have got their own starting point
Always it's better to keep things simple, at least as simple as possible
Better to get complications sorted out, if not resolved.
Also otherwise, better to get complications resolved as and when they occur.
If not, then it will only be a matter of time for the present to be ruined.

Come what may in the middle of way, a temptation sort of thing
Always it's better you know your way.

Come what may come along the way
At the spur of moment it comes to mind, let's take this short cut
It's always better you know your way.

A lot of things are learned, when experience is gained, since old mistakes are avoided and new mistakes corrected.
From the experiences of past and from the different experiences in life, definitely one thing is for sure a lot of things are learned over a period of time.
Not all are worth remembering,
definitely agreed upon the fact that only a few amongst them are worth remembering.

Make a mistake, but see to it never repeat the same old mistake
Definitely make some new mistake
A lot can be learnt from old mistakes, but never by repeating them.

Making new mistake gives an altogether different preference,
since as and when, whenever a new mistake is made,
something, which is bound to happen,
each and everything in the present changes,
once a new mistake happens.

Things now seem to be different, since a new mistake has happened
The need of the hour now is to explore more
Search and find out what is lacking in self
Once done and over with the same,
then keep in mind ways of avoiding this new mistake.

Always remember
Make a new mistake,
but keep in mind and see to it never repeat the same old mistakes in life.
Learning is a continuous process. So mistakes are bound to happen. However, the concern always remains as to whether the mistake that is made is new or old.
aniket nikhade
Written by
aniket nikhade  Nagpur
   ryn and Cecil Miller
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